Remembering MSgt. Michael Heiser

Master Sgt. Michael G. Heiser

      In his short life, Mike saw and did more than most people do in a very full lifetime. He traveled extensively, and was proud to be involved in many “firsts”. Mike accompanied the then Chancellor Kohl to Berlin on 9 Nov. 1989, when the wall came down. Mike was on the first US plane escorted and allowed to land in free Russia. In 1993 at Kisling NCO Academy he was the recipient of the Academic Achievement Award and the Distinguished Graduate award. In 1995 Mike was selected as the Aircrew Member of the Year in Europe. His accomplishments seem endless and we are proud. He was an honor student in schools and one of the most decorated enlisted men in the Air Force.

      Mike stayed in and visited some of the finest palaces, hotels, and countries. He met with and escorted most known dignitaries, and also met the complete opposite, where he visited countries with names we never heard of or cannot pronounce, saw filth and poverty and sickness that will never be erased, saw war torn people and places but all Mike ever wanted to do was help to keep America free! He was full of endless stones, serious, funny and pathetic’ but all were Interesting and based on real life experiences.

      Mike was the little guy; the guy with a brain that he thought could make a difference. He served proudly and he served well, but just as sure as we, as young parents grew up together with him, the master plan was for us to grow old together with him.

      He was so happy to be reassigned to the USA and “home”. We nurtured the family businesses and watched them grow just like we nurtured Mike and helped him grow. In 3 short years he was to “retire” his stripes and step into the family business.

       We had a wonderful son, our only child, for 35 years and even during long absences while serving abroad, he was only a phone call or e-mail away and such a comfort to be in constant contact.

       We kept the post office busy exchanging video tapes and when ours were returned, there was always a thoughtful little surprise included, something from a faraway land.

       Most families have a bond with their children but ours was a special closeness that was really extraordinary. That is probably because he was a bachelor and planned to stay single until changing careers. He didn’t want a family torn apart with long separations, therefore choosing the Air Force to come first. Mike was very astute and caring and sharing, but it worked both ways, maybe he was just our clone.

      Gary and I are best friends and partners just as we were with Mike and that may be the reason we have a better understanding of the military than most of you. We are holding on tightly to friends and family and VERY sincerely appreciate everyone’s compassion and caring. The outpouring of support has been heart wrenching and overwhelming but at the same time very comforting. Mike’s scholarship fund has far exceeded our expectations and because of this, we will be able to help students for many years to come.

      Mike was our life, our pride and joy, but as we fill the long days doing busy work, we stop to reflect on the good times, the joys and sorrows and memories and a mission that must continue. Don’t mourn but keep Mike’s memory alive in your hearts and take time to hug your kids. We always lived by this and because there are no regrets, we’ll get through this horrible pain some day knowing the love from and for him is the biggest comfort. We probably don’t realize the finality of all this at this time, but we do realize there are a lot of folks who really care. Thank you all.

        Most Sincerely,

           Gary & Fran Heiser


Flagler County Association of Realtors

December 23,1996



Flagler County Association of Realtors dedicated this special monument at the base of their flag pole.  December 23 is Fran Heiser’s birthday.


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