This page lists the site updates.

9/7/00:     Added updates page, revised the Patrick Memorial page and added web pages and pictures to the "Nineteen" page.

5/15/01:  Updated "main" page look and deleted obsolete links from various pages. Added pictures to the "museum" page. Added "The Investigation" page (please read) and added a link to the "Articles" page.

5/16/01:   Fixed "Prince Sultan" link problem on the "memorial" page.

6/12/01:    Added New York Post article to "The Investigation page"

6/14/01:    Added news article "GI BLAST INDICTMENTS DUE" By BILL SANDERSON. Also fixed an intermittent problem with the Guest Book.

6/17/01:    Made "Guest Book" printer friendly. Added Table of Contents and added "TOC" buttons to "MAIN" page, "ARTICLES" page and to "MEMORIAL" page.

6/21/01:    Added two articles about the indictments to the "INVESTIGATION" page. Changed TOC (Table of Contents) to Site Map.

6/22/01:    Revised The Investigation commentary on the "INVESTIGATION" page. Added links to MSgt Michael Heiser web pages.

7/8/01:    Added new images to the "33rd Memorial" page.

10/06/01:    Josh would have been 26 today. Changed the background used on most pages.

10/14/01:    Added web pages and photo links to the "NINETEEN" page and added more information to the "CORNING FOOTBALL" and "LIONS" pages

10/25/01:    Added photo links and picture of A1C Christopher Lester.

3/4/02:    Updated web pages to work with latest browsers from Netscape and Microsoft. Updated and Fixed links to other web sites.

3/13/02:    Added "Remembering Joshua" download page.

4/22/02:    Added "What Freedom Means to Me" to the "MEMORIES" page.

5/27/03:    Added "Heritage Plaza" and "The History of Iranian Sponsored Terrorism" pages. Updated the "Home" page and added articles to the "INVESTIGATION" page.

10/30/04:  Added "Fifth Anniversary" to "ARTICLES" page and "Moody AFB Memorial" and "Senior NCO Academy   Class 96-6" to the "MEMORIALS" page. Updated the "GUESTBOOK"

3/17/05:  Updated the "GUESTBOOK" and fixed link to

8/5/05:   Added "TAG" link and page.

6/5/06:   Updated web pages - general housekeeping - added photo of SSgt. King to "NINETEEN" page.

6/15/06:   Added "Ten Years Later" page and updated the "GUESTBOOK" page.

10/1/06:   Added to "Ten Years Later" page.

3/8/07:     Updated the "GUESTBOOK" and "Ten Years Later" pages.

8/29/07:   General site clean up and added Flagler County Board of Realtors to the "MEMORIALS" page.

3/23/16:   Moved site to a new web host and did a general site clean up and fixed outdated links.

4/2/16:    Added Clinton White House suppressed evidence of Iran's terrorism to the Articles page. Added photos to the Ronald King web page.

4/19/16    Changed "AUTO TAG" to "KEEPSAKES" to better reflect the link.